Akira Ikemi, Ph.D.: Focusing East and West – A Deeper Understanding Gendlin’s Focusing and Asian Focusing Methods

Kezdés dátuma: 2024. szeptember 6.
Befejezés dátuma: 2024. szeptember 7.
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Cím: Budapest, Déli pu. közelében

Focusing East and West:
A Deeper Understanding Gendlin’s Focusing and Asian Focusing Methods

The objective of this workshop is to enhance our understanding of Focusing, both in theory and in practice, as well as to introduce ‘Asian Focusing Methods’, a mindfulness-based approach to Focusing. The workshop will commence with demonstrations and practical exercises of Gendlin’s ‘Focusing Short Form’. The
Focusing process will be further elucidated through the concept of ‘Experiencing’ and the ‘Crossing with Animals’ exercise, which was developed to emphasize Experiencing. During the latter part of the workshop, participants will engage in practicing ‘Asian Focusing Methods’, encompassing three techniques: Kansoho (observing thoughts), Kangaho (also known as Kanga Focusing: observing selves), and Blue Sky Focusing. This workshop offers participants the opportunity to experience both Western-Style Focusing and Eastern-Style Focusing.


Akira Ikemi Ph.D. is a professor at both the Faculty of Health and Well-Being and the Graduate School of Psychology at Kansai University, Japan. With an extensive background in practicing, researching, and teaching Focusing, his journey commenced during his studies under the guidance of Professor Eugene Gendlin at the graduate school of the University of Chicago. His professional trajectory began in the field of clinical psychology within hospital and corporate mental health settings before transitioning to faculty positions at Japanese universities. Dr. Ikemi is a prolific writer, having authored over 180 articles and book chapters in both Japanese and English. Recognized as a Living Luminary by the Journal of Humanistic Counseling (American Counseling Association), he has been conferred the prestigious Japanese Association of Humanistic Psychology Award. Furthermore, he has collaborated on a novel narrating the adventures of hippies journeying through India in the 1970s with his colleague Eddy Daswani.

The workshop is primarily intended for Person-centered and/or Focusing-oriented Therapists, Counsellors, Therapists in Training and Counsellors in Training who
  • want to learn more about the method of focusing from an authentic source, and
  • are looking for inspiration to expand their therapeutic toolbox

September 6-7, 2024
Workshop Fee: 160 EUR (60 EUR non-refundable deposit + 100 EUR on the spot)
Location: Budapest, near Déli railway station
Application deadline: April 30, 2024.
Application: szilvera@gmail.com